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1980 Yamaha YZ125G
Plastic Wanted!
1980 YZ125G

I am looking for white plastic for the 1980 YZ125 G. I would like NOS but would take good used OEM plastic. I have found both side number plates, front number plate and rear fender but I still need a gas tank and the front fender. I have NOS spares for this bike and would consider trading a yellow NOS front number plate for a white NOS gas tank. If you have any or know where I might find some please let me know. I am also looking for anything NOS or anything performance (Fox DG LOP FMF) for this bike ( 3R3 ).
3R2-21511-00-00 Front fender
3R3-21611-01-00 Rear fender
3R4-23485-00-00 Front # plate
3R3-24110-00-00 Fuel tank
These part numbers are for Yellow plastic but I need White Plastic. I am sure it is only the last few digits that change the colour. I am sure you guys in Australia and Europe know where to find these. PLEASE email me!