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Adapting YZ80 Forks to Your TT-R 125L


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The stock TT-R forks are flimsy, flexy and too weak for serious backyard motocross.  They can be made plenty stiff with BBR springs, heavier oil, and a higher oil level, but they are not rigid enough and lack the travel of YZ forks.  If you perform the mods below, I guarantee you’ll LOVE your TT-R! 


Note: The mods below assume you have the “L” version (big wheel version with disc brakes).  If you have the small wheel version, you’ll need additional parts, like a complete YZ front wheel, brake master cylinder and caliper, and perhaps more.  Since I only performed the conversion on the “L” model, I cannot say for sure what needs to be done on the small wheel version.


If you have any questions on the conversion, feel free to send me an e-mail.  I would be glad to try to help.


Parts needed:


Custom work:


General notes and suggestions:




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Disclaimer: Don’t do anything stupid, and if you get hurt it’s your fault, not mine J