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TT-R 125L




This page is Aaron Smith's TTR page and after he took it down he was nice enough to let me put it on my web site for everyone to reference.Please understand that this page will not be updated.Aaron would be glad to answer any questions you may have, however.See his new page!



Yamaha introduced the TT-R 125 in 2000 as an entry level bike.It is a 125cc air-cooled fourstrokewith a 5 speed manual transmission and suspension and handling far beyond that of Hondaís XR 100.The bike was an immediate success with women and beginner riders, and also with backyard motocrossers (guys who buy them, heavily modify them, and abuse them).Whether youíre a beginner or seasoned pro, you cannot ride this bike without getting a huge smile on your face!


The TT-R 125 is not fast, and no matter how much you modify it, it never will be.Stock it produces 9 hp at the rear wheel.Fully modified youíll be lucky to get into the low teens.For comparison, a stock KX65 produces 13 hp and weighs at least 50 pounds less.The only bikes youíll be beating to the first corner are other playbikes.A stock 65cc motorcycle will walk away from the TT-R.But this doesnít mean itís not fun!The motor is bulletproof, and can be lugged and trailridden with ease.This is what a playbike is all about.


Why Playbikes?

Playbikes are fun.They are low maintenance, quiet, and a riot to ride.Thereís nothing like throwing on your helmet and workboots for a quick moto in the backyard while you wait for your wife or girlfriend to get ready to go to the movies.Should your wife or kids want to give the Ďol dirtbike a try, they can do it on the TT-R, not your 45hp race bike.



When looking to improve your ride, start with the chassis.Thereís no sense having a fast motor that the chassis canít handle.The chassis canít even handle the stock motor!I chose to spend the majority of my money on the chassis to get it up to par first.The motor will have to wait until next year.In the meantime, I can charge as hard as I want to without fear of breaking the bike!


There are plenty of mods available out there.You can easily spend more on mods than you did on the bike.Choose them carefully based on your needs, and do them one at a time.See what works and what doesnít.Below I share my experiences and opinions on what I have tried and hopefully it will save you some time and money:






A word about the stock suspension:Before converting to the YZ forks, I ran the stock suspension for a while.I had the BBR stiffer springs front and rear with heavier fork oil.This is fine for play riding, but if youíre going to push the bike on an MX track, itís borderline dangerous.I also had the BBR top triple clamp, which is a must-have if youíre running the stock forks.It keeps them from flexing, and more importantly, sliding up in the clamps.NOBODY should try to ride the bike with the stock springs.Not even a 50 pound kid whoís never ridden a motorcycle before!The modified stock suspension will be more than adequate for many people, but for a full-size adult whoís going to ride the bike hard, itís not much more money to skip the stock fork mods and go right for the YZ fork conversion.It will save you money in repairs and damages later.